My status on FB today was “Let’s go Oranje” to show my support before Netherlands VS Japan match. The first half was not much to get excited about but more like frustrations. I killed the time by folding laundry and watching the match. But in the second half I was on the edge of my seat and when the Oranje made a goal, I think the entire apartment building heard my scream.

Japan played really well but lady luck was not on their side and only lost by one goal. Final score is Netherlands 1:0 Japan.

2010 World Cup – Netherlands vs Japan Opening Ceremony

2010 World Cup Netherlands vs Japan Highlight

Man of the Match is no other than Wesly Sneijder – Spits News

Current Standings for Group E

1. Netherlands 2 6 (3-0)
2. Japan 2 3 (1-1)
3. Cameroon 1 0 (0-1)
4. Denmark 1 0 (0-2)

Later tonight is a match between Cameroon and Denmark. If Cameroon doesn’t win, then the Netherlands is secured for a spot in the next round.

Hup Holland Hup!!!