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Khao Soy

Khao Soy for lunch in Luang Prabang

I ordered four bowls of Khao Soy from Noy’s Noodle Stall in Luang Prabang to take home for lunch. We didn’t want to spend time making food and would like to eat something quick before heading out to the Mekong River Beach to build sand castle later in the afternoon. […]

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Thai and Lao Cuisine in Cologne

I took a city trip to Cologne, Germany last month and spent three days doing the typical tourist things next to finding good eats. You know I love to eat Lao food and green papaya salad is one of my favorite Lao dish so wherever I go I would try […]

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Jumping frogs

Live frogs at Luang Prabang Morning Market. I can’t remember what frogs taste like, maybe like chicken? The last time I ever eaten frogs was when I was a little kid living in Vientiane, Laos. I can recall my parents made frog stew and Pon Kop, which is like Pon […]

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Luang Prabang Morning Market

Morning Grocery Shopping in Luang Prabang

There is something about doing grocery shopping in Laos. It’s not boring like in Holland or in the USA with pushing the shopping cart down the aisles and selecting fruits and vegetables all packed in a nice plastic containers or in boxes. Whenever I am in Laos I would volunteer […]

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Fishes at Luang Prabang Morning Market

I usually spend an hour or more at Luang Prabang Morning Market just looking around and talking to people and buying a what I need or what I don’t need. Usually someone is always trying to sell me something and I always ended up with a bag full of fruits, […]

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