When I came back from grocery shopping with my father’s niece I worked as fast as I could in the kitchen with washing fruits and vegetables. Bay later came by to pick me up so I can make photo CD at her place and also to have dinner with my Grand-Mama. She was very happy to see me again and so were the rest of the family. They thought they would not get to see me before I fly back to Vientiane.

Lao Food with Grand-Mama

Lao BBQ Fish

Grand-Mama and DJ

I talked to my Grand-Mama and asked about her knee surgery from the previous day. It was an emotional evening for all of us. I wanted to stay longer but my mother kept calling me to go back for dinner. When I got there they had already started to eat dinner.

Fish Wraps

Lao Grilled Fish

Pon Pa

There is more food and plenty of dessert but it is not the same as eating at Grand-Mama’s house.