For my last dinner in Vientiane Fong was kind enough to take me out to dinner at Moon the Night Restaurant, which sits along the bank of the Mekong River. My aunt and uncle-in-law had to drive my cousin to Thailand to catch a flight to Bangkok so we decided that I would go with Fong and later meet up with my parents at Wattay Airport. My parents would later go to the airport with Aunt Vanh and my cousins.

Moon the Night Restaurant in Vientiane, Laos

Moon the Night Restaurant in Vientiane, Laos


DJ eating out in Vientiane

For dinner Fong ordered Sien Dart and a dish of frogs in coconut curry, along with Beer Lao for the toasting ceremony. The stove that we got was not heating fast enough and the coals were still half black. We got quite anxious since we want to finish dinner and be on time at the airport. Our waiter was doing his best to fan the coals to get some heat going. In the end we just tried to chill and enjoy the view. The restaurant was in a great location and in the distance background is the famous Don Chanh Palace Hotel.

The next time I go to Laos, I will definitely go back to Moon the Night Restaurant. If Nye aka Ginger is there with me, then she just might enjoy the surroundings as much as I did. Good bye Laos, until the next time. 🙂

DJ eating out in Vientiane


Beer Lao

DJ and Fong in Vientiane

sunset in Vientiane

sunset in Vientiane

Don Chan Palace, Vientiane



  1. wow, the food looks so good.. i really want to goto laos

  2. Gosh Darly, the view looks lovely, I can’t wait to go, I guess this is what they called Gum Lai Cheevid. 😉

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