My uncle ordered Raw Larb Beef (Larb Dip or Larb Sien Dip; ລາບຊີ້ນດິບ) and Grilled Beef (Ping Sien Ngua; ປີ້ງຊີ້ນງົວ) at his favorite place in Ban Keun, Saengarun Restaurant. The Larb Dip (Raw Lao Beef Salad) looks very fresh.

Raw Larb Beef

Raw Larb Beef

phak for larb

beef soup

I was told the owner gets fresh meat each morning. There was Jeow Phia to go with Ping Sien (Grilled Beef). I tired a few pieces of grille beef with the bitter dipping sauce but didn’t dare touch the raw beef salad.

grilled beef

cow intestine jeow

My uncle ordered warm sticky rice and BeerLao to go with his Larb Dip. I don’t know if it’s normal in Laos to have beer during lunch hour, but my uncle was on his four months winter vacation and he was enjoying his food and drink before heading to the USA.