Since the test went so well on Christmas Eve Dinner, for Second Christmas Dinner I set up Laotian Fondue a meat theme for the celebration. I do have to admit that I’m not much of a meat eating person.

So, the next time I make Laotian Fondue, I’ll be using fish and seafood for the fondue.



  1. Hi,

    very lovely to see all of this! Where can I get this fondue set?? I’ve never seen it before and also, where can I get that rectangular plate with the hanging sauce dish??? Very lovely!

  2. Sabaidee,

    Please check your Asian grocery store to see if they have one like this. If not then try searching on Amazon for Asian Fondue and you should be able to find one like this. I bought the plates at a shopping mall in Holland. I thought it was interesting looking to serve sushi and other dishes with detachable sauce cup. If you look for them at specialty store selling Asian plates and bowls, you just might be able to find one.

  3. can i have the recipe for the broth? what marinades do you use for the meat? and what kind of dipping sauce?

  4. It’s a chicken broth seasoning with sea salt, fish sauce, soy sauce, and two whole shallots (including skin). Marinades are one with soy sauce and ginger, oyster sauce and garlic, curry power with ginger and garlic. I bought a bottle of Suki dipping sauce and the other sauce is just chili pepper sauce made with fish sauce, sugar, lime juice, and chili pepper.

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