I bought some string beans from a Chinese grocery store in Rotterdam over the weekend. I usually like to steam them along with other vegetables to go with tomato chutney or Jeow maak len. But now and then it’s nice to have tum maak thua or Lao string bean salad with grilled fish or fried fish.



  1. Nice site. May I suggest jao list the ingredients, amount use, and detail instruction on how to make it.

  2. Sabaidee Jao,

    Thank you for your visit and suggestion. I posted a couple of recipes in the past but have not done so lately. I am not a chef or a cook. I didn’t learn how to cook properly from anyone and not in a position to post instructions. There are enough Lao cooks and Chefs out there with cookbooks and websites with recipes that anyone can turn to for proper Lao cooking. 🙂

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