When I go to Laos I hardly go shopping and when I do is either to buy Lao stamps or Lao silk products, mostly Lao silk skirt. I bought a few items from my last trip to Laos at a Lao Silk Skirt Shop in Vientiane. The owner Noi has one shop at the Ethnic Handicraft Market beside the main Post Office in Vientiane.

If you can find Talat Sao or the Morning Market, then the Post Office is opposite of the mall. You can also visit her other shop at Vangthong Night Plaza or 450 Year Vientiane Market in Building 2 on the 1st Floor.

Noi contact info:
Tel: (856) 21 219-176
Mobile: (856) 20 52243-363



  1. How often do you visit there? I live here in the US and have no way what so ever of getting these fabrics.. perhaps, you can be seller and i’ll buy from you ? let me know.

  2. Hi MSM,

    Since you are in the US, please contact Peter and his wife at Laos Essential Artistry and see if they can help you find something that is unique for you. I am not affiliated with Laos Essential Artistry and have never bought anything from them but if I don’t have relatives in Laos to buy what I need and would order from someone, they would be one of the people I would go to.


  3. Kevin Phoutharansy

    I can get you any kinds sinh, you desire i have relatives who deals directly with the makers in these kinds of frabric.
    you can contact through email at khating@comcast.net. or ebay hellion1155. i have one posted there now (cint).
    kevin Phoutharansy

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