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lotus blossom cookie
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Lotus Blossom Cookie

How to make Lotus Blossom Cookie or Kanom Dok Bua, a recipe by the maker of the Lotus Cookie Mold. A must have tool for this recipe is Lotus Blossom Mold or Kanom Dok Bua Mold that you can find at your local Lao or Thai grocery store.

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Kaeng Kari Kai

Aunt Kian and Aunt Phone making Kaeng Kari Kai (Yellow Curry Chicken) for dinner in Vientiane, Laos. Aunt Kian took photo of some of the ingredients and provided more list of the ingredients and instructions in the video. My aunts like to put chicken blood cubes in the curry.

Lao Recipes

Tofu Dessert Recipe

I like tofu, especially when it is used in dessert. Here is a simple Lao style tofu dessert in sweet ginger water to try. Tofu Dessert Ingredients: * 3 cups water * 1 package tofu – soft silken * 1 piece ginger, crushed * 1/3 cup brown sugar