Having taken enough pictures of Wat Houaylao I decided to head back home for a big lunch. There were many cooks running around doing various things. Aunt Tou brought back a handful of som moo or sour pork sausage, which she proclaimed is the best in Pakse. She would know because she is a great cook and knows all the best places to eat all over Laos. She is also the first gold medal holder for Champassak Province in the National Games. Everywhere we go, we have to make time for little chit-chat with all the people that want to talk to her or eat and drink with her.

som moo in pakse

som moo in pakse

For lunch today Aunt Tou made her famous Yum Kai while Aunt Phik made Lao green papaya salad aka tum maak houng. The others were busy preparing ingredients for making khao thom.

yum kai

tom yum kai

tam maak hoong


kiep moo

As for me I went to check out the windows and was happy to know that I am safe to open the windows at night, without fearing someone might be climbing into my room. I am not sure if it’s safe for fire though with welded window guard like that, the only escape route is the door.

window guards

lao food in pakse

After lunch we were busy making khao thom and later had a late afternoon get together to snack on Lao BBQ. Later we were invited to a dinner at a Sien Dart restaurant by Aa Tou’s family so we went by the hospital first to drop off some khao thom and to visit Grand-Mama. We then went to this well known restaurant and it was very busy. It was a pity that we sat outside with not so much light and I didn’t take any picture because I didn’t want to use flash and disturbing the restaurant guests.

After dinner it was surfing time at Lankham Internet Cafe. It is located next to an Indian Restaurant and I didn’t even get a chance to dine there before leaving Pakse. Well, there is always the next time. 🙂