Aunt Kian does her daily grocery shopping at Kok Pho Market. If she can’t find what she is looking for there, then she would go to the bigger Sikhay Market. On the day Aunt Kian doesn’t feel like cooking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, she can find plenty of Lao Food dishes at Kok Pho Market to take home.

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On this particular day, Aunt Kian was getting some bamboo shoot soup, Kaeng Kee Lek, and either grilled meat or grilled fish to go with Tam Maak Hoong aka Lao Green Papaya Salad from her favorite papaya salad seller at the market. She even checked out some dessert and fruit snacks to take back for my three cousins.

I’m sure it was a nice dinner and a better one than what I am having in winter cold Holland.