I treated myself to my favorite Lao Food dishes for lunch. It was a complete meal with Lao green papaya salad, Sai Kok (Lao sasuage) Sai Aua Som (Lao soured sausage) with Kipe Moo (pork rinds) and warm sticky rice. I bought a bag of sticky rice yesterday in China Town and cooked some for last night dinner.

The left-over sticky rice was more than enough for a good lunch (two fist full) and will help me to last all day even though I didn’t eat breakfast this morning.



  1. looks tasty!

  2. Thank you! It was delicious, just like last night when I made almost the same thing. But it’s more fun when it’s Kin Khao Samake style.

  3. dee lai zapp sud sud…

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