I can still remember the various Lao food dishes served during Boun Pi Mai Lao celebration as a kid in Laos. We all had to pitch in whether helping the adults wash vegetables and herbs to be used in Yum Salad or picking mints for a Laap dish. My task was to pick flowers and help make scented water along with washing herbs and vegetables.

Lao food is at the heart of the celebration and the dishes that were always served at our family gatherings were Laap Sien or other type of Laap dish, Khao Poon because you can make a big pot which can serve a great deal of people, and of course Yum Salad to cool us down. Another addition to the table is green papaya salad and chicken BBQ.

But for the kids, we often went for snack such as fried meat ball and grilled sticky rice with egg that we could easily bought at one of the food stall along the street after a visit to our local temple.

For dessert, it was my favorite Nam Varn Lod Chong. It took a great deal of time and a lot of people to make the food but it didn’t seem like much work with so many helpers around and everyone had a great time sharing food, stories, jokes, and good wishes for the year to come.