Growing up in Laos meant spending a great deal of time watching sports such as boxing and football. I can still remember the thrill of going to football matches at a stadium in Vientiane. Football is like a religion in our family so naturally the World Cup is a time when we would feast on various Lao dishes and how can I forget the snacks for the men and their Beer Lao. It’s a good time for family and friends to gather around the TV cheering the favorite team.

Lao Food and Worlld Cup 2010

Even though I am at “Home away from Home” I still treat myself to my favorite Lao food like Lao green papaya while cheering for my favorite teams during the World Cup.

Lao green papaya salad on June 24, 2010 for Netherlands vs Cameroon match.

Lao Food and World Cup 2010 - Papaya Salad

Papaya Salad

Papaya Salad