By 19:30 hour we were fighting our way into the center of Pakse. It was so crowded and the traffic was crazy. I was still trying to get over a shock from witnessing an accident at the entrance of Ban Houaylao. A man was dead while on his motorbike with his mistress due to alcohol and reckless driving. His mistress was being transported by a Tuk Tuk to the hospital. As we were trying to make our way out of the crowd another accident almost occurred when a drunken teenager who was driving too fast almost hit a Tuk Tuk. People were screaming and cursing at him like crazy but he didn’t care and just sped off and almost drove into a fence.

When we finally found a parking spot and walked toward Wat Luang, it was too crowded and according to Aunt Phone it was too dangerous for me to be walking inside the temple with all the candles and all the fireworks going off indiscriminately. It was an easy call for her since a parade float was stuck at the door, blocking people from entering the already packed temple.

We headed off to Sala Kham to watch the Lai Heua Fai Nam ceremony. I felt brave enough to get a closer view of the ceremony by the riverbank. It was not such a good idea though since it was really dark and I found many broken glasses on the ground and sharp wires. I had a good pair of shoes on or else you would be reading a different story.