Minced Beef Salad or Larb Beef (Laap Sien; ລາບຊີ້ນງົວ) and Beef Soup (Kaeng Sien; ແກງຊີ້ນງົວ) for lunch in Pakse, Laos. The food was freshly made while the helpers for Boun Loy Vanh were cooking for the guests and making a meal for themselves during break. There were two versions of Laap Sien (Minced Beef Salad), the raw and the cooked.

raw minced beef salad

minced beef salad


lao beef soup

I only ate the cooked version and was a bit afraid to try the raw one. The elders were more than happy to clean the raw Laap Sien with sticky rice and commented on how the meat was so fresh, meaning a cow was killed a few hours ago.