My relatives in southern Laos eat a great deal of fish. They especially love to eat Laap Pa Tong on a regular basis. When I asked the relatives in Vientiane what is the best fish to make Laap Pa and they all said it’s not other than Pa Tong.

The first time I’ve eaten Laap Pa Tong was during my first trip to Champassak Province in January/February of 2007. My parents and I went to visit my grandmother and the relatives bought some Pa Tong (still alive) and made Laap Pa Tong with fish soup for lunch.

Lao Food Laap Pa Tong

Lao Food Fish Soup

Lao Food Laap Pa Tong

There were three to four aunts busy making the dish in the open kitchen. One of the aunts cooked a portion of the Laap Pa just in case one of us didn’t want to eat the raw version of it. I tried both the raw and cooked version and managed to captured a few photos for keepsake.



  1. Nicole Carter-Saxton

    This looks wonderful.The soup, I think my Laos friend made this before and it was GREAT.Do you have a how to vid for the soup with all the authentic herbs.

  2. Hi Nicole. Please check out Chef from Penn Hongthong’s cookbook: Healthy Lao Cuisine. I have this cookbook and it’s quite simple to follow. There is a video on how to make Sticky Rice, Raw Fish Lob with Lemongrass, Fish Soup with Green Tomatoes on Youtube.

  3. yak kin lab pa-tong nam de.

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