One of my cousins like to eat fish and sea food and his favorite restaurant in Vientiane is Kung Pao T2. On the last day of That Luang Festival he took me to the restaurant for lunch. It was a great treat for me since I didn’t eat any breakfast before attending the Morning Alms Offering at Boun That Luang and didn’t even try a bowl of Khao Poon afterward due to the unbearable heat.

Lao Food Koong Chae Nam Pa

Lao Food Koong Chae Nam Pa

grilled squid


Fried Fish

Young Coconut

Beer Lao

We were limited to order from the menu based on what they have in stock. The restaurant ran out of oysters and prawns the day before due to That Luang Festival, which brings in a great deal of diners. It will be a few days before the new shipment of fresh sea food would come in from abroad. We settled for Koong Chae Nam Pa, Fried Pa Nin Fish, Salmon, and Grilled Squid. I was hesitant at first to try Koong Chae Nam Pa, a raw shrimp with spicy garlic sauce but my food adventure side kicked in and I dived in the plate.

It was a nice lunch for me with fresh coconut juice to wash down the spicy food and my cousin had his cold BeerLao to go with his meal.