I was invited to a relative’s house for lunch in Pakse, Laos. A couple of women were busy in the kitchen making Minced Fish Salad (Koy Pa ກອ້ຍປາ) and Fish Soup (Kaeng Pa ແກງປາ) to celebrate the End of the Buddhist Lent known in Laos as Boun Ork Phansa. We didn’t have anything to do for the day except to sit, eat, drink, talk, and sing karaoke.

Kaeng Pa

Lao Fish Salad

Lao Food Minced Fish Salad

I was not that hungry and the relatives told me not to eat the sticky rice but to make a wrap (Phun Koy Pa ພັນກອ້ຍປາ) out of it. This way I can enjoy the good food and not waste a meal by stuffing myself with sticky rice. It was nice to see all the villagers sitting outside sharing food and some people would walk from house to house to greet one another and making a toast and inviting one another to do what else but to eat and drink.