1. Nice Lao song, different from what I’m used to.  One of the phrase that Lao girls like their men to be white or Kao (light complexion), Tall or Soung; the Thai also have the same thing, but different meaning, Kao for white or gray hair, and Soung for age, which means that they like their men to be old and gray with lots of money, go figure. Lol.

  2. Cells is very popular in Laos, even more popular than Alexandra Bounxouei. This band is the only band that is able to sell an album all over the country. Most shops in Pakse will have their album on sale while they might not have Alexandra’s album. That is one way of figuring out if someone is popular or not, by what is selling at the record shops.

    The phrase that Lao girls like white, thin rich tall is not quite true. What you said is closer to reality in Laos. The trend is not having boyfriend your age but someone with a family. Why? Because married men have money and can buy more things for the girls. There is even a phrase of "I don’t care about your wife because all I care about is you" going around in Laos.

    I will blog about that later. Let’s hope that I won’t get hate mail for doing so.

  3. I’d have thought that Alexandra Bounxouei would have her albums on every stands, but I guess not.  I think females tend to listen to male singers only, whilst males tend to listen to both male singers and female singers, obviously more listening to male singers, sounds like a math problem. Lol.   If you’ve the need to blog about it then I think it’s a good topic, blog at Laovoices.com would be a good place.  Sometimes I feel that people morality is moving backward whilst modern civilization is going full fledged, it’s a bit ironic, not just for Lao people, but for all ethnic groups, a bit sad IMO.

  4. Well, from the many postings outside Laos and what you see on the internet, you would get the impression that she has a sold out album. But if you look deeper in Laos, then you’ll see how it is difficult to keep a fan base with so many talented artists out there and with so much competition coming from the other side of the Mekong.

    I’ll post about this topic later at Laovoices.com. Just hope I won’t bring out the haters, lol. Some of her faithful fans might want to tear me to pieces.

  5. Join the club, please do it really fast because I think I’ve a lot of hate fan out there. Lol.

  6. I guess it’s my turn to stand for the firing squad. 😛

  7. I don’t mind the heat, I just want to see how much verbal abuse I’d take, or vice versa.  😉

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