Khaonom Parn for breakfast

Breakfast in Vientiane, Laos with Khaonom Parn from Thakhek. My aunt and uncle from Pakse, Laos came to visit us and to send me off at the airport in a few days. They took a bus from Pakse and during their stop in Thakhek, they did what most people do and that was to buy a handful of Khaonom Parn at Thakhekt bus station as gift for the relative in Vientiane.

Khaonom Parn

Khaonom Parn

Khaonom Parn

I thought the relatives were joking when they put a few of Khaonom Parn on the table for breakfast and told me to sample the sweet treat. I didn’t want to argue with any of them and took a couple of the Khaonom for breakfast. It was sweet and delicious and went well with a glass of warm soy milk from Centre Point.

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