Dinner in Pakse, Laos with Khao Piak Sen (ເຂົ້າປຽກເສັ້ນ) or Lao Rice Noodle Soup. Aunt Phet made the noodle soup using pork bones in the soup stock. She also added pork blood cubes to the soup since all of her family members are fond of this particular ingredient in the rice noodle soup.

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Aunt Phet’s husband loves to eat lots of chili peppers with his meal. After frying the garlic and shallot, Aunt Phet poured the hot oil over the roasted chili powder so her husband and other family members can add a spoonful of the chili oil into a bowl of the rice noodle soup.

I like this type of noodle soup but prefer to have chicken instead of pork in the soup.