This morning for breakfast, I was given a bowl of Khao Piak Khao. The Lao Rice Porridge had pork meat and pork blood cubes in it. Aunt Phone told me to try taking a few sips of the liquid if I can’t swallow the solid part of the food. Normally I like my Khao Piak Khao with chili sauce and lime juice added but this time I just had it plain with bean sprouts.

After breakfast I took a nap since I didn’t sleep much last night due to fever and coughing. I was awaken later by Aunt Phone. She told me I had a phone call from the USA. It was my Mama checking on me to see how I was doing. She wanted to send me some medications via international express mail but I didn’t want to bother her and said it was not necessary. She asked me if I was going to attend a relative’s funeral and I told her I would drop by on the day of the Almsgiving.