Spring is in full swing here in the Netherlands (Holland). It was a beautiful sunny Monday as I took a stroll through garden full of tulips and other spring blossoms at Keukenhof. I wanted to visit this Spring Garden of Europe in April around Boun Pi Mai Lao (Songkran) for best photo opportunity.

Unfortunately, I had to waited until yesterday to get up close and personal with as much flowers as possible during my three hours walking tour of the Spring Garden. My allergy was in full gear by the end of the closing time but it was worth the suffering.

As I am looking through the photos today, I wanted to go back for more of the spring blossoms. I only had enough time to visit the Orchid Show after a walk through the garden. I would like to see all the flower exhibitions at Keukenhof. The garden is open until May 18 and I just might go spend a day there.