I never thought I would eat Kanom Kok ເຂົ້າຫນົມຄົກ ( grilled coconut cakes ) for breakfast. But on one morning in Luang Prabang I was walking around at the Morning Market and saw a lady selling Kanom Kok.

 grilled coconut cakes

The smell of the coconut milk and the sweet aroma caught my attention and I bought one cup of Kanom Kok in banana leaf. I like the way she sells her Kanom Kok using environmental friendly packaging method rather than using newspaper, which is not good for your health or plastic bag.

 grilled coconut cakes

 grilled coconut cakes

I ate the few pieces of Kanom Kok and kept on walking past 9:00 AM. I figured three hours and more of non-stop walking around town should get rid of all the calories?


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  1. Lao food is awesome!!
    I want to know how to make kanom kok 🙂

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