After having a bowl of Khao Poon Nam Jeow for breakfast, I went to visit a grandmother who makes Kanom Jork at the Morning Market. I have made a frequent stops to buy her Kanom Jok (ເຂົ້າຫນົມຈອກ) and to chat with her the last two times I was on vacation in Luang Prabang. But this third time I spent a few mornings with the grandmother and her two friends and became part of their breakfast club, an experience that I will never forget.

Frying Khao Nom Jork

Frying Khao Nom Jork

Khao Nom Jork

I will tell you the stories later of how I was selling Kanom Jok and fried shallot one morning and to other Farang tourists, I was just another face for them to pull out their big Canon or Nikon and “snap, snap, snap” away trying to capture our happy moments as we laughed and share our meal together.


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