Kaeng Pak Wan ແກງຜັກຫວານ (Pak Wan Vegetable Soup) and Jeow Mak Phet ​ແຈ່ວໝາກ​ເຜັດ​ (Roasted Chili Dipping Sauce) for dinner in Vientiane, Laos. My relatives prefer to have fish in the soup but you can use chicken, pork, or beef in Kaeng Pak Wan.

Kaeng Pak Wan

During ant eggs season, it’s quite common to see my relatives making Ant Eggs and Pak Wan Soup for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Kaeng Pak Wan is delicious with either warm sticky rice or Jasmine Rice served with Jeow Mak Phet or Jeow Mak Len (Spicy Tomato Chutney).