It’s that time of the year when Bai Kee Lek (cassia leaf) is in season. Aunt Kian and Aunt Phone have been making Kaeng Kee Lek ແກງຂີ້ເຫຼັກ (แกงขี้เหล็ก), a Lao Curry a few times for lunch and dinner last month.

This version my two aunts made for lunch was with leg bones from pork rather than with ant eggs (khai mod deng) from red ants.

Kaeng kee lek

The must have ingredient in the curry is no other than buffalo skin (ຫນັງຄວາຍ) that has been charcoal-grilled and soaked in water until soften. The curry was served with freshly made sticky rice and Jeow (roasted chili dipping sauce).