After enjoying my fruits snack, I was ready for a couple of hours of surfing at Joma Bakery Cafe, near Nam Phu fountain. I wanted to check out their WiFi and to update my blogs and read the news. I have been to this place back in 2007 and was fond of their ice coffee. It was a mistake though to sit inside with the AC on and ordering an ice cappuccino. They had the AC cranked up nice and cool for the tourists but it was too cold for me and I had to keep my jacket on and even then it was too cold.

Joma Bakery Cafe in Vientiane Joma Bakery Cafe in Vientiane

Joma Bakery Cafe in Vientiane

Joma Bakery Cafe in Vientiane

Wi-Fi at Joma Bakery Cafe in Vientiane

If you had ever visited Joma Bakery Cafe and all the other places catering to tourists, then you would know the prices are in dollars amount. What I spent there for one person would be a meal for Aunt Phone’s family. When I bought three pieces of cakes home, Aunt Phone said they would be able to eat for a day for what I spent on those cakes. Only those that can afford to eat and drink at this type of places would step a foot inside, others would just pass by and can only wonder how good a cup of coffee or a piece of cookie is.

Lao food

Lao food

Lao food

Lao food

Aunt Phone and Khek made soup, fried sweet sausage and chili pepper dipping sauce for dinner. I also noticed how kids are often served sweet sausage for breakfast. It’s not quite what I would eat, not even once a year, especially for breakfast. But I can understand the notion behind eating greasy food since it fills you up quicker after a few bites and it costs less than a more healthful breakfast, to the average Lao family anyway.



  1. Wow, very modern place in Laos! At first I thought you were blogging about a place in the Netherlands. My mom and aunt always think I spend too much money on coffee and treats as well! If you have FB I started blogging about my stay in California, something kinda inspired from blogs like yours.  I left my name above in email section!

  2. Sabaidee Chanh,

    Yes, there are plenty of places for those of us that can’t live without Starbucks to hang out in Laos. I tend to spend money on my family but I like to treat myself now and then to something like this and of course buying Lao stamps.

    Yes, I do have FB and will hunt you down sort of speak. You can blog at WordPress like Dallas or at Blogspot but I think you like the features at FB.

    I should changed the title to Joma Bakery Cafe in Vientiane. I jump back and forth since I don’t want to bombard readers with same old thing. The fact that I’ve been struck with sickness for six months also kept my posting about Laos way behind the schedule. Have too much to do with too little time and too many sites to maintain.

  3. Hi, Darly!

    I “did” have a blog but not anymore. I deleted and move to Facebook. I haven’t figure out all the feature in FB yet. I do like the feature that it can feed from wordpress, I have a private blog and my FB account feed what I posted.

  4. Hi Dallas,

    Thanks for letting me know. When you figure out all the features at FB then you can teach the rest of us.

    I’m still trying to figure out what to do on there. I know it can be all in one place and you can do it all with blog, photos, and vids but I am not ready to give up my blog here yet and only few of my friends know I have this site.

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