Jeun Pa (Fried Fish) with Jeow Mak Kheua (Eggplant Chutney) for breakfast in Vientiane, Laos. Aunt Kian used green aubergines to make the Eggplant Chutney instead of purple aubergine. I like Jeow Mak Kheua for breakfast with warm sticky rice and it doesn’t matter what kind of aubergine is used in making the Jeow. It’s delicious with grilled fish or fried fish.



  1. Is there possibility that you can leave a recipes for all your food posts? I would love to learn how to make some of these items.

  2. Hi Lita,

    I’m not a cook or a chef and no one taught me how to prepare food properly. I’m quite worried about my standard of cooking. I don’t attempt to show others how to cook certain dishes since I can’t get it right, meaning making delicious food that’s cooked properly each and every time! There are a few recipes that I posted with video clips of my aunt’s cooking. I’ve spoken to my aunts to make recordings of their cooking the next time I am in Laos. What you see above is made by my Aunt Kian in Vientiane.

    There are a few Lao Cookbooks out there to get you start if you are interested in learning about Lao Cooking. I have Food from Northern Laos, Lao Cooking and the Essence of Life, Ant Egg Soup, Fish and Fish Dishes of Laos, Traditional Recipes of Laos, Healthy Lao Cuisine, Simple Laotian Cooking, and Taste of Laos. Just select a book to start and dive in. 🙂

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