A new video by Lao rock band Cells. They are rocking Thailand at the moment and their music videos are produced under the label of Grammy. This song has a really great beat but I can’t agree with the lyrics though. I’ve heard this Lao saying of how it is better to hold a poop in your hand than to hold a fart. I wouldn’t want to hold anything with stinky smell to begin with, lol. I don’t agree that you should have a man just for a sake of having a man or someone to walk around with you at night. Heck you can have a male friend to walk you if you are too scare to walk alone or a girl friend for that matter.



  1. How’s life treating you dol? I can say that I don’t know you. But I can say, I miss you. I wish I have gotten to know you more. Good day and good luck in life’s pursue.

  2. I love CELL. I think they are very talented.  Are they all Khone Lao? I wonder who influence them and where they are educated at. The singer got Aussie accent I thought.

  3. Hi there Ai Amphone,

    How are you doing these days? I’m hanging in there with school and everything else. Just been doing a great deal of thinking about life and death and relatives lately.

    You know where to find me. It’s never too late to pick up where we left off. 🙂

  4. Hi DL,

    You should look for their second CD and VCD when you are in Laos. These guys are great and I love their music. I rank them up there with my English rock bands.

    I think they did their study in Australia so they picked up that accent. I know they live and work in Laos at the moment and just having normal job like most of us and making music on the side for the love of promoting Lao music.

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