A video Recipe on how to Make Jeow Bong by my Aunt Kian in Vientiane, Laos. Please watch the video for a complete details about the ingredients and instructions on how to make Jeow Bong.

You’ll need the following ingredients: Dried chili peppers, Fried Galangal, Fried garlic, Dried shrimps, Dried buffalo skin, Salt, Sugar, MSG, and Fish Sauce.

Ingredients for making Jeow Bong
Dried chili peppers
Fried Galangal
Fried garlic
Dried shrimps
Dried buffalo skin
Salt, Sugar, MSG for making Jeow Bong. You’ll also need Fish Sauce.

You can also try Jaew Bong (Bong Sauce) Recipe by Phia Sing, posted at SEAsite Laos.



  1. Jaew Bong is the best, especially from Luang Prabang! I’m happy to see your recipe! I haven’t had it for many years but still dream of it, and it does not look so complicated here even though it is magical.

  2. Charlie Lee-Soulisak

    The hot pepper dipping sauce..Jeow Bong, can you post or send me how much to use of each amount? I appreciate that you showed what your Aunt uses to make her Jeow Bong but to make it good, I really need what amounts to use of each ingredients. Many people make this but they do not want to part with how much they use of each ingredient. If you can email it to me..I would love that. Thanks

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