All Roses for you by Oukeo Xayavong.

Phone Xay Viva by Oukeo Xayavong.



  1. Happy Valentine’s Day Darly.  Oukeo is my favorite singer.  Thanks for the posting.  I enjoy the video too.  It was nicely done.   Good job to the maker.

  2. Happy St. Valentine’s Day Darly.

  3. Hey, check this video out. It’s by Oukeo too. I love this song. It’s about smiling (yim). So …yim carefully.

  4. Thanks Ai Amphone,

    I think Oukeo is very famous in Laos. I found out about him from his nephew who was a member of Laoplanet site. He told me to check out his uncle’s music.

    I’ll be careful with my yim. 🙂

  5. There you go…you got it.

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