By now, you probably noticed that the Lao Food Facebook page
( ) has been missing since monday night, April 14th.

What is going on? Did we quit the Lao Food page while it was a great success, growing over 1,000 likes a day, totalling to 220K page likes as of April 14th? Cold feet? Too much work to produce stories, clips and pictures about Lao Food? Is Lao food too hot to handle?  🙂

None of that.

Unfortunately, Facebook decided to unpublish our page. Not us. Most likely, Facebook’s software (algorithms) detected “like” fraud or spam and automatically unpublished. We strongly believe this is an error on Facebook’s part. Nothing we have done could justify this cause of action. Also, we never received a notification explaining to us what the actual issue is. We simply ran into this pop-up last Monday:

Unpublished without a valid reason

Excuse us?

We truly have no clue why Facebook unpublished the page. We never spam and our page likes are from genuine people who share our enthusiasm for Lao Food and Laos in general. We are fully compliant with Facebook’s page rules and Terms of Use. No one has told or written to us why the page has been unpublished. We appealed to Facebook (there is an appeal button) but, frankly, we have no clue what we exactly appeal to. No one at Facebook cared to inform us what’s supposedly wrong.

If you feel, like we do, that Facebook made an error by unpublishing the page, then please help us and fill out the “Page unavailable Error” form of Facebook:

Please, kindly explain to Facebook that the Lao Food page was unpublished in error and should be republished again.

Thank you very much!Khob Jai Lai Lai!
Darly and the Lao Food Team