On Saturday or Sunday I would walk to the Chinese grocery store to stock up on my fruits and vegetables. On this particular day I took a detour to check out some tulips along the way. It’s nice to be beautiful bulbs in the middle of a busy intersection in Rotterdam.

Tulips in Rotterdam

Tulips in Rotterdam

Tulips in Rotterdam

Tulips in Rotterdam

Tulips in Rotterdam

Maritime Museum, Rotterdam

The Maritime Museum. I have not been inside that building yet.

DJ in Rotterdam

Enough of the tulips, time to go get some food.



  1. Alright, sorry…Now, I know who you are…LOL

  2. Sabaidee,

    Hope I didn’t scare you away, LOL.

  3. Those are lovely photos of the tulips, made me think of Salat, she loves tulips; it’s refreshing to see you wearing your color, yellow. Nice photo of Sao Lao BTW. 😉

  4. Spring is the best time to be here for beautiful flowers. I think of Salat too whenever I see tulips and want to take photos for her.

    By the way, thanks to you, I counted my clothes to see how many yellow outfits I have. I have like 5 tops and two skirts. I never knew I had that much clothes in yellow color. 🙂

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