Buying Grilled Banana (Kuay Jie; ກ້ວຍຈີ່ or Ping Kuay; ປີ້ງກ້ວຍ) at Kok Pho Market (Talat Kok Pho) to have for breakfast in Vientiane, Laos.


Kuay Jie

As a little kid growing up in Vientiane, Laos, my Mama often bought this as breakfast for us when she had to leave the house early in the morning. She bought the grilled banana before dropping us off at school so she can attend to her patients before working hours at Mahosot Hospital.

Kuay Jie

Kuay Jie

Whenever I visit Laos alone, my Mama would make a request that I eat the Kuay Jie on her behalf, along with grilled sweet potato (when in season).


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