Buying grilled apple snail ( ping hoy ປີ້ງຫອຍ ) at a roadside stand for morning snack in Muang Xanakham ເມືອງ ຊະນະຄາມ ( Xanakham District ), Vientiane Prefecture, Laos. We went for a morning drive along the Mekong River to check out the roadside stalls, selling fresh produce from both sides of the Mekong River.

grilled apple snail

ping hoy

After doing some grocery shopping, we bought some grilled food, grilled banana, and grilled sweet potato for snacks on the way back.

Unfortunately on Google Map, Muang Xanakham is spelled as Xanamkhan so it was not very convenient for me to map my travel route on my mobile phone using Google Map.