Since I love to eat Lao green papaya salad so much, a lunch could not be complete without the dish and I had to order a batch to go with the minced beef salad. In 2008, the price for one order is 5,000 Kip, as of November 2010, the price has increased to 8,000 Kip due to higher cost of living that comes with rising inflation rates in Laos.

The lady selling Lao Green Papaya Salad will make it just the way you like it, whether spicy, sour, sweet, salty, or any combination. You can choose raw Padek ( fermented fish sauce ) or cooked Padek or with plain fish sauce. While she is known for her delicious Tum Mak Houng, she also makes Tum Mak Kuay and other type of Tum per request.