That one papaya I bought on 10 10 10 was barely enough for a third Lao green papaya salad so I added half a carrot to the mix to make a full meal with rice noodles.



  1. Hey DJ!
    Your papaya salad always looks so good! I made long bean salad, steamed mackerel, and sticky rice for dinner last night. So Lao. So yummy.
    I am actually commenting asking for your help to circulate my story Legacy of Hope to win $5K for Noi Sengsourigna’s Center. All people have to do is VOTE for the story. No donations needed. I told her this summer that I would help her out the best I could. I’m hoping to win and be able to give this back to the Lao community. Thanks so much for any help.

  2. Hey there SJ,

    Sorry for the late reply. I’m on vacation at the moment. Yes, Lao food is good anytime of the day and you can mix with western food as well.

    Be sure to circulate on FB of Noi Sengsourigna’s Center. Jai Lao Foundation was able to gather enough support to win Chase Community Giving so it’s possible for Noi’s non profit organization to win as well even though the contest will end soon. Each vote counts!

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