I bought a few green mangoes from a Korean grocery store in Chinatown Rotterdam earlier today and decided to have young green mango with spicy fermented fish dipping sauce for snack before dinner.

lao food

I’m allergic to fermented fish sauce (Padaek; Padek) but wanted to re-create the spicy fermented fish dipping sauce (Jeow Padeak Waan) that my aunt in Champassak made during my visit earlier this month.

lao food

jeow padaek waan

To make the dipping sauce the way most people make in Laos for young green mango is quite simple. Just mix the following ingredients together and enjoy with any sour fruit for snack:

crushed roasted sticky rice, crushed roasted chili pepper or chopped red chili peppers, sugar, fermented fish sauce (cooked or raw) or regular fish sauce, chopped shallots, chopped cloves of garlic (optional), MSG (Monosodium glutamate) if you are into using it in your cooking.

lao food

lao food jeow padaek waan

The sauce I made in the picture above has no chopped garlic and has no MSG since I have food allergy and allergic to both ingredients.