I was on the phone with my aunt in Vientiane and she told me of her new mango trees are full of young mangoes this year. Her description made me crave for Green Mango Snack and thought about the many years that I picked the young green mangoes from our family’s tree and eating them with family and friends.

green mangoes

green mango slices

fermented fish sauce

Jeow Padek Waan

green mango and fermented fish sauce dip

green mango and fermented fish sauce dip

I went to China Town in Rotterdam and brought home four small green mangoes and a jar of fermented fish sauce aka Padek. I made a sweet and spicy fermented fish sauce dip to go with slices of young green mango as an afternoon snack.

It would be perfect if I can pick some young green mangoes off a tree in Laos. I can’t wait to do that in the near future!