What will Vientiane be like in the year 2030? This is a possibility, a green city, in harmony with nature and a sustainable future.

The only thing that is missing in my opinion is making Vientiane a more bicycle friendly city as well.

I would like to see a bicycle path next to the walking path like it is in the Netherlands for those that don’t have a need for a mo-ped or car to commute to school and work for short distance. It’s healthy for the citizens and good for the environment and not to mention cutting energy cost for the country.



  1. This would be great to see happen in Viangchan.  I am planning on going to LP in November.  Could you please contact me directly via my email.  I would like to ask your recommendations on where to go and what to see in LP.  Khawp jai lailai.

  2. Very impressive vision.  With all the new pending development or improvement, I hope to see that Laos’ culture and custom remain.  Those are the things that make Laos, Laos.

  3. I pray that the Vientiane Vision 2030 be come true development for all ethnic people of Laos. From now on, all ethnic people of Laos including Laos in and out should create a sustainable peace, do not fight against each other and solve problems in a peaceful way, not a violent one. To solve problems in a peaceful way, government and population should use wisdom.
    I wish Laos leaders would consider join hands in creating sustainable peace and let’s make peace ourselves.
    Thank you
    Lao Hmong

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