It has been five years since I’ve eaten Green Banana Salad (Tum Mak Kuay) and I made sure to add it to the list of Lao Food dishes to have during my last visit to Laos in April of this year. I went to my favorite Tum Mak Houng stall in Vientiane, Laos and ordered a batch of green banana salad.

As a kid in Laos I’ve eaten Tum Mak Kuay on a regular basis because my father from Pakse loves to eat this salad as oppose to Tum Mak Houng. We even had a few banana plants that is only suitable for making Green Banana Salad only growing in our garden in Vientiane. It has plenty of seeds and a bit bitter and not tasty at all when ripe but makes great salad.



  1. Hi Darly,

    This looks delicious! I don’t think I’ve tried tum mark kuay before. I want to try and make it. Do you know what kind of banana is used? Is it just normal green banana? Thank you. 🙂

  2. Hi Padaek,

    If you like bitter tasting food, then this would be good. I’ve only eaten it a few times since my father who is from Pakse loves to eat this. Same goes with the Tai Pakse relatives. You have to use Kuay Thani (bitter type) for this and adding round green eggplant and bitter eggplant. I don’t know the type of banana in English and whether or not you can find it where you are.

  3. Thanks for your reply DJ. Ok, I will look for this type of bitter banana and try and make this. It looks and sounds delicious. 🙂

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