After getting my vaccinations and reserving the round trip airfare to Laos, the next step was to gather what I need to pack. My first thought was going through my closet and take out what I don’t want to wear or can’t wear anymore. Some of my relatives should be able to wear these old clothes but will be new to them. My priority was to pack all my old clothes first and then the essentials (first aid kit, medications, bodywash, lotion, shampoo, toothpaste, etc..) and my clothes last.

old clothes to give away

packing for Laos

If I didn’t need to pack for my relatives, then I would only have a carryon suitcase and a tote. I like to pack light and can get by with a few outfits for a week’s vacation or two. That way I can just get on the plane and get off, without having to go wait for my suitcases.