I weighted myself on the new scale yesterday and was happy to see another kilo gone! I am very happy with myself for getting back to my former lifestyle of not eating junk food, at least not on a regular basis. When I was living in the US, I didn’t even eat potato chips or drink pop. The only time I ate any thing sweet was on special occasions like birthday party, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter time.

Somehow I lost my discipline and started to enjoy food like cheese and tart since I came here. I even started to drink coffee on a daily basis more than a year ago. Posting in Food Blog 2006 at Laoplanet gave me an awareness of what I have been putting into my body.

My visit to the A – Team in August was the start of regaining my former self. I lost two kilos while I was there and later three more while I was home. Now I am 6 kg lighter than when I was at my hightest weight in December of 2004. I didn’t like the way I look back then and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how I look in these photos.

Just look at my fat and chubby cheeks.

DJ and Chef Vienne

DJ and Chef Vienne

DJ and Chef Vienne

I am not starving myself. For start I have such a high metabolism that I can eat a great deal and if I do any movement at all, I will burn off the fat so easily. I burn calories just by trying to keep myself warm. You can actually feel heat coming from me if you stand next to me (from my tummy area) and I make heat all year round. The only difference is that I am learning to say no when I feel full and try not to feel so guilty. When I go out and eat with my boyfriend or other people, rather than stuffing myself because I don’t want to waste food (money), I told myself that it is okay to put down the fork and the knife when I have eaten enough. Skipping dessert is a good way to cut down calories as well. I also started to drink more water like I used to and no longer eat sticky rice.

As of yesterday I told myself to not drink cappuccino on a regular basis anymore because I put sugar and cream in my coffee. I don’t take sugar in my tea so that is a good thing. I will also say no to a glass of wine when I go out and eat and also at gatherings, like the up and coming Christmas Dinner with my boyfriend’s family. I read somewhere that alcohol will dry your skin. Then again the French live longer because they drink a glass of wine everyday.  Hmm…maybe I shouldn’t quit cold turkey, lol.

When I was home my friend noticed that I lost a couple of kg and said she is trying to lose some weight as well. I found it strange that after losing 5 kg, none of my boyfriend’s family members noticed the smaller me last week. They haven’t seen me since August and while I was attending a birthday party, they all noticed my hair cut but not my weight loss. Perhaps they were too preoccupied with themselves to notice such a small thing. Having said that, I can still remember their comment about me gaining a couple of kg, not too long ago.