I usually eat fruits for breakfast with soy milk back in Holland. After being in Laos for almost two months eating what was put on the table for me, I started to eat fruits and soy milk for breakfast to get back to my normal routines. For today’s breakfast it was tropical fruits salad and Galapao from Ah Pae Jua. As a kid living in Vientiane, my mother often bought Galapao (Chinese Steam Bun) from Ah Pae Jua as special treat for my siblings and I.

All of my cousins also grew up with Galapao from Ah Pae Jua. We were living a few meters apart so naturally we shared most of our food with one another. Even today when my cousins still picks up a bag full of Galapao on their way home from work to give to their children as dinner whenever they don’t feel like cooking. Whenever I go to Laos my cousin would take me to the Boat Noodle Soup Shop, which is next door to Ah Pae Jua and we would eat noodle soup with Galapao. Ah Pae Jua’s Galapao is great anytime of the day, whether breakfast, lunch, dinner, or for snack.

As my last meal before the flight to Bangkok and connecting flight to Amsterdam, I thought it would be nice to say goodbye to Laos (for now) by treating myself to one or two nice warm Galapao.