After checking out the snow at the park I headed toward the canal for more daring walk. It was a bit scary when I fell because of the sloped road. My legs were stuck with snow when I moved to the side of the to avoid an incoming van. I was trying to get up to the road and fell forward and used my right hand to catch my fall.

I was happy to see my old friends (the coots and the ducks) as they went searching for food and water. They were made for this type of weather more than me for sure. After more than two hours of walking I was ready for a hot cup of chocolate and then went outside to shovel the snow on the terrace of the apartment.

Coots looking for food and water.



  1. Sao Darly,   honey, you are supposed to shovel the snow OFF the terrace.   JK, did you walk on the canal?    Years ago the ice was 4″ thick on the lake at my house.   You are supposed to be able to walk on 1″.    However, being alone, I dared not step out there.    I probably could have driven my car on it, but who would know if the ice cracked?

  2. I sure did Papa John but since I had to shovel the ground as well. I put the snow in the bucket and took it out to the lawn.

    Many of my friends went on skating tour but I’m not much for a winter sport kind of person. I will try it one day perhaps when the ice get thick to a certain centimeter then the skating club will let people skate on the canal. It’s a very Dutch tradition. 🙂

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