Fresh and Fried Spring Rolls

Fresh and Fried Spring Rolls

Looking for dinner at Luang Prabang Night Market Food Alley, locates on Sisavangvong Rd, behind Lao National Tourism Office.

Yor Dip

Yor Khaow

I was deciding whether or not to go with Fresh Spring Rolls (ຢໍ່ຂາວ) or Fried Spring Rolls (ຢໍ່ຈືນ). I’m not a big fan of fried food but now and then it’s nice to have something nice and greasy to sooth the craving.

Yor Jeun


Since it was dinner time, I went with Fresh Spring Rolls instead of the fried ones. I thought it would be better to have the fried kind during lunch time, that way I can have all afternoon to walk off the calories. 🙂

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  1. I miss those! I wish I knew how to make the fried spring rolls. Whenever I make them, it’s sticky or soggy 🙁

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