Today is Sidney’s First Birthday Party in Vientiane, Laos. There were plenty of food for the guests attending the dinner birthday party with Khao Poon and Laap Moo as main dishes.

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According to Aunt Phone, serving fried chicken feet is a must at a party because it is something that many men like to have with their Beer Lao. I have never seen fried chicken feet until now. I’m sure the male guests drank plenty and ate plenty since it was a day before Boun Pee Mai Lao and some people like to start the celebration early.



  1. The last photo of the silver bowl, I didn’t know you can put the soup in that kind of bowl, I guess I only use it for tuk badt, is it safe to put hot food in there?

  2. I think it’s okay to use such a bowl to serve food. If it’s not real silver, then the material should be the same as what they used to make sticky rice steamer or mor noung khao or the typical steamer, mor soung, or the pot. The last bowl has handles so it’s a serving piece like they do at restaurants with soup and rice and other dishes. It should have a lid on it.

  3. peppers! so much. I like

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