My relatives invited me for lunch and I was treated to one of my favorite Lao Food dish, Tilapia Fish Wraps (Pun Pa Nin; ພັນປານິນ; ໝ້ຽງປານິນ ).

Lao Food Phan Pa

The farmed Tilapia fish was stuffed with herbs such as lemongrass, dill, galangal, and kaffir lime leaves. It was then seasoned with salt and cooked on charcoal grill. There were vegetables, herbs, noodles, and dipping sauce to wrap the fish into bite size pieces.

Lao Food Phan Pa

Lao Food Phan Pa

Lao Food Phan Pa

Lao Food Phan Pa

Lao Food Phan Pa

Lao Food Phan Pa

It was a nice feast for me sharing Fish Wraps with my relatives and their neighbors. I had an entire big fish to myself as special guest of the house but I couldn’t finish it all. My cousins were more than happy to help me clear my portion.



  1. How do you make this dipping sauce ??

  2. I don’t know how to make it. We bought sauce in a bottle from the market. I asked my aunt how to make it. You need to boil pineapple and strain the juice, then for seasoning you would need crushed garlic, chili pepper, shrimp paste, padek (fermented fish sauce) sugar. Some people also add crushed ginger and galangal. It depends on your taste really. I think of it as making Jeow Kapi but a bit more complicated.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I am glad I found your channel on Youtube.

    Fish wraps is one of my fav Lao food. Sometimes we use beef instead of fish.

    For the dipping sauce, from watching my sister. She would use brown or regular sugar, caramelized the sugar, add water, then let it cool, then she would add fish sauce (from the bottle) and other stuff like you said to make the dipping sauce. Maybe it’s regional on how you make it.

  4. You’re much welcome. I make the peanut dipping sauce the same way your sister makes her. It’s a pretty standard sauce that most people in Laos would make I think. It is the sauce for Pun Khao Poon with beef and for Fresh Spring Rolls and other dishes.

  5. I watched all of your Laos clips. Enjoyed them all. I’ll be visiting Laos for the first time in September of this year (currently residing in sunny Florida of the great US of A). I plan to eat all of the Laos’ food when I get there! Hope i don’t get food poisoning 🙂 Should I only drink bottled water? Food I should not eat?


  6. Sabaidee Sam,

    Have a wonderful time in Laos. The country has changed a great deal in the past five years, especially in Vientiane so you’ll have more comforts through out your stay. Be sure not to drink anything with ice, unless it’s from the cleanest water source. Yes, stick to water in bottle like “Tigerhead” brand unless it’s not available in some places. When it comes to fruits, stick to what you can peel. When in Luang Prabang, don’t eat at a buffet at the night market for like 10,000 or whatever the price is.

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